What killed Kenwin Garcia?

What killed Kenwin Garcia?

Nobody really knows why Kenwin Garcia was walking on the highway that July day in 2008 when a State Police trooper stopped him — or why he wound up dead.

He spent most of his last conscious breaths face down in the grass along Interstate 287 in Hanover Township, according to police reports and recordings, with his hands and ankles handcuffed and zip-tied behind his back and three state troopers on him after he broke two patrol car windows.

Garcia, 25, of Newark, groaned, kicked and struggled for several minutes before going still. His limp body was carried to an ambulance. His heart had flat-lined, his breathing stopped, his brain starved of oxygen, medical records show. He died a week later after being taken off life support.

Source: http://www.nj.com/excited-delirium/

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