Even with the advent of internet shopping many of us still go to local or regional stores for our needs.  If you are injured make sure that the store makes an incident report documenting this.

Inevitably, someone will be injured in a store due to a condition that exists on the premises.  For instance, there may be a slippery condition on the floor.  There may tripping hazards such as broken switchplates or other defective apparatus that can trip a person.  There may be broken equipment in the store.

Of course, if you are injured you should seek appropriate medical care immediately.

However, when possible, whatever the cause of the fall it is important to document what happened by reporting it to store personnel immediately.  There are several reasons for this. You may want to obtain quick medical care and the store should assist you with this.  You may want to alert the store to the dangerous condition so that no else is hurt.

And, if you are seriously injured you want the incident to be on record so that the store cannot deny that it occurred if you eventually bring a claim against the store.  Without an incident report some stores will deny that your incident even occurred.

Realize that your incident may have been recorded on the store’s surveillance video system and if you notify the store then it will typically preserve the incident video.  What often happens is the video of the incident is erased if not immediately preserved because of the store’s recording system protocols.

If the store refuses to help you or to make an incident report or if you do not trust the store’s personnel, then you can always call the police to report the incident.  Some police departments will make a report of the incident so that there is a record of it by a neutral party.

If you or someone you are with has a smartphone or a camera take photographs of the condition that caused you to fall.  If you cannot do this the same day you are injured do it as soon as possible. And,  try to get the names of the people who you reported the injury to.

And, if possible, obtain a copy of the incident report.  Many stores will not give you the report but do ask for it.

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