People like to share details of their life on Facebook and other social media sites such as Instagram and Pinterest.

Defense attorneys and insurance companies know this.  They now use information that people post on social media against them.  Of course, they can and will misconstrue anything on Facebook to their advantage.

Anything you post on social media that is public invites attention if you are pursuing a personal injury claim.  Your posts may draw the scrutiny of defense attorneys and insurance companies.

You might think that you are okay if your posts are private.  Not so.  Even if your posts are “hidden” the information can be obtained by defense firms via subpoena or court order or from your friends.

If you delete posts from social media after a defense request to preserve the information you could be subject to sanctions.  This could hurt your case.  A court could dismiss all or part of your case.

So, do not jeopardize your case by carelessly posting on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.   If you must post, think about whether it could hurt you if made public.  It may come back to haunt you.

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