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The Jersey City personal injury firm of Zavodnick, Perlmutter & Boccia, LLC understands that every accident is serious to the victim. In legal terms, a serious or catastrophic accident involves an accident where the resulting injury is permanent and seriously affects the quality of life of the victim. The severity of the accident or incident itself does not necessarily correlate to the severity of the injury. Some people walk away from ten-car pileups unscathed, while others suffer serious or catastrophic injuries in a fender bender. If you or a loved one has suffered a catastrophic or serious injury, do not play games when seeking compensation for those injuries. Retain our experienced legal counsel today.

Common types of serious injuries

Catastrophic injuries include the following:

  • Brain injury and traumatic brain injury (TBI), which occurs when trauma causes the brain to strike the interior of the skull
  • Paralysis
  • Dismemberment or amputation
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Severe burns

In addition, soft tissue injuries, which include damage to the muscles, ligaments and tendons of the body, can fall under the category of serious or catastrophic.

The costs of serious and catastrophic injuries

Serious injuries can affect victims in countless, irrevocable ways. You may:

  • Never again be able to work at the job you are trained for, or work at all
  • Face huge medical or therapy bills
  • Require full-time expensive care, possibly for the rest of your life
  • Have to cope with lost memories or even a changed personality in the event of brain injury
  • Expect a reduced lifespan, severe pain and emotional suffering

Catastrophic injuries also take a serious toll on the family members of the victim and may suddenly need to change their lifestyles and accommodate for the new demands of caring for their loved one.

The most important thing an experienced personal injury lawyer can do for a serious injury victim and the victim’s family is to estimate the true financial and emotional damages the family may face over the lifetime of the victim. At Zavodnick, Perlmutter & Boccia, we help make this determination, then work with your family to build a solid legal strategy to pursue the proper amount of compensation.

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The attorneys at the personal injury law firm of Zavodnick, Perlmutter & Boccia, LLC understand New Jersey personal injury law inside and out. If you face a serious injury case in the Jersey City, Union City or Newark areas, contact us today to arrange a free consultation of your case. Reach us online or at 201.653.1155. We receive no payment unless your case succeeds. Our office is conveniently located near the Journal Square PATH station and within walking distance of the Hudson County Court House. If your injuries prevent you from traveling, we can arrange an appointment at your home or in the hospital.

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