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Experienced Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Jersey City, NJ

Getting injured on the job is a complex situation. Not only do you struggle to recover from your injuries, but you also have to navigate the complicated workers’ compensation process.
Turn to an experienced workers’ compensation attorney at Zavodnick, Perlmutter & Boccia LLC. We’ve provided legal guidance to many clients in Jersey City, NJ.


How We Help

Don’t try to navigate your workers’ compensation case on your own. Even if they cooperate with you, your employer and the insurance company will look out for their own interests. Working with a workers’ compensation attorney ensures that you’ll get all the benefits you deserve. These benefits include:

  • Medical treatment for injuries
  • Disability benefits if you cannot currently perform your job
  • Permanent disability benefits if you cannot return to your job

With more than 12 years working in the area, we’re experienced in workers’ compensation laws in Jersey City, NJ. We know what benefits you’re entitled to and how to help you get those benefits. For example, if you were injured by defective equipment, we can pursue compensation from the equipment manufacturer.
We’ll walk you through every step of the workers’ compensation process. We’ll evaluate your situation, gather evidence, and even represent you in court in necessary.


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